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Stamford Associates Limited




19-21 Old Bond Street, London W1S 4PX


020 7629 5225


020 7629 7355


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Company profile

  • Stamford Associates is an independent firm providing advice and effective investment solutions to institutional investors for more than thirty years. We specialise in identifying genuinely active managers using our widely-respected worldwide manager research and monitoring expertise, which includes a psychological evaluation of crucial organisational and human dynamics connected with investment decision making. Portfolio construction is then built around high alpha objectives within a diversified and risk controlled framework.
  • We believe that cash flow concerns should be central to every pension scheme's investment strategy, particularly as they mature and need to increasingly sell assets to meet member benefits. Our innovative cash flow mapping approach dedicates specific assets to each cash flow with the aim of delivering the required returns by the time they need to be sold.
  • We offer an advisory service model, allowing us to tailor an investment and governance structure that directly addresses our clients' needs in a straightforward and transparent way.
  • We remain accountable at all times, aligning our interests with those of our clients - and our fee model is flexible, including offering performance fees.

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