A short history of Pension Funds Online

Pension Funds Online, published by Wilmington Publishing & Information, is a source for detailed financial data and contact information on pension funds globally which helps firms working within the pensions industry to achieve their marketing and business objectives.

It holds information on over 8,000 pension funds, providing details on key contacts, which asset classes they invest in and which firms run their mandates.

It also holds details on recent tenders that have been officially issued by pension funds.

All data on Pension Funds Online for both pension funds and their service providers is updated throughout the year. A dedicated team of researchers and journalists keep abreast of any changes using a variety of methods. These include: distribution of online questionnaires; direct contact with pension funds and the industry; as well as financial information research gleaned from various other sources, such as company accounts.

Pension Funds Online also provides users with intelligence on pension funds and the pensions industry.

It provides a news service called Pension Funds Insider, which gives readers an insight into pension fund behaviour and the reasons behind the decisions they make about asset allocation and overall strategy.

As well as Pension Funds Insider, industry experts provide their views on the topics that matter most to Pension Managers and Trustees in the Specialist Outlook section of Pension Funds Online and an overview of country pension system designs can be found in the Country Profiles section of the site.

A short history of Pension Funds Online


New data developments rolled out including: Linkedin details for key contacts, funding ratio details for UK pension funds and bi-monthly email alerts to subscribers notifying them of recent movements in the data.


Pension Funds Online is re-launched, with an increased depth of data, expansion of our historical financial information, and graphical representation of the year-on-year movement and allocation of each fund’s assets.


Pension Funds Online is re-launched, giving users the ability to better implement marketing strategies, tender for new business and gain a greater understanding of the pensions market.


Wilmington Publishing, a dynamic and expanding company providing information and training to professional business markets, buys AP Information Services. Pension Funds Online, Pension Funds and their Advisers and International become part of the Wilmington Business Intelligence suite of products.


Pension Funds Online is launched. The website hosts far more data that can be physically contained in the paper directories and allows for further depth to its financial and contact information. It also hosts new league tables which list the top UK and global pension funds according to their assets under management. The site provides additional free content such as pension system country profiles and expert comment from leading advisers.


The first edition of International Pension Funds and their Advisers (‘the Red Book’) is published following increasing demand for international pension fund information.


Subscribers to Pension Funds and their Advisers can also access data via a CD-ROM for the first time


It emerges that business tycoon and Mirror newspaper proprietor Robert Maxwell has used £460m from his group's pension funds to finance business dealings. Writing in an article published in Pension Funds and their Advisers, Peter Stirrup, the Chairman of the National Association of Pension Funds, calls for surpluses to be referred to as ‘reserves’ and to be used to protect against ‘bad years of poor investment returns’.


The new UK Social Security Act stipulates that a sponsor can only take a contribution holiday if it links the benefits of early leavers in all its pension funds to the retail price index (RPI) inflation measure, capped at five per cent. Pension Funds and their Advisers publishes statistics showing that of all total contributions to pension funds in the UK, an average of 67.3% of those are invested in equities.


The directory responds to the start of the digital age by providing data electronically on a floppy disk for the first time.


Pension Funds and their Advisers publishes pension fund financial information which equates to nearly £100 billion worth of assets at the time. Using the Retail Price Index, this would equate to roughly £204 billion in 2011.


The European Federation for Retirement Provision (EFRP) is established to promote the development of occupational pensions. The directory grows with further data on European and North American pension schemes.


Pension Funds and their Advisers is made freely available to pension funds.


In the UK, final salary defined benefit (DB) schemes are estimated to make up almost 92 percent of all pension funds. The directory's popularity grows rapidly, with 'The Blue Book' becoming an essential addition to many financial service company libraries.


The first edition of Pension Funds and their Advisers is published by Alan Philipp, a former financial analyst.